A Roller-Coaster: The Global Denim Market

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Five or six years ago, we conducted an extensive study of the global market for denim and clothing made with denim. It was an interesting project in that we not only compiled market statistics from around the world, but also surveyed a large number of retailers and textile mills to determine their attitudes at the time about denim as a fashion item and what they thought the future was going to hold for jeans and other denim apparel.

The study was conducted at a time when the denim market was moving to a low point; something that is the case today, as there are still too many producers of denim chasing too few customers. However, between the time of the study and last year, the denim market enjoyed a resurgence -- a typical cyclical pattern for this business -- something that we predicted would occur in the study.

We are contemplating a new study, so stay tuned for announcements on the Globecot News Network website.

I have prepared the following short sample from the original study. To download the sample (about 30 pages), simply click HERE.

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