Olah Inc. to Conduct Denim Study

Thursday, July 26, 2012

I am pleased to announce that my company, Olah Inc., at the prompting of several major denim and jeans companies, will undertake a strategic study analyzing the worldwide market for denim fabrics. Although these companies expressed a strong desire in having the study performed, it was the feeling of these firms that Olah Inc. should solicit support from other companies in the denim pipeline to help defray the cost of the project because a comprehensive global study is both complex and very expensive. Further, these firms desire that we deliver the best denim study ever produced.

To this end, Olah Inc. seeks support from a fixed number of companies to purchase the study. Ideally the report would be distributed to unique segments of the denim textile and apparel supply-chain, specifically, chemical companies, dyers, spinners, denim mills in various countries, a few apparel makers and an industry organization.  We will also seek support from brands and retailers.

All results from the study will be the property of sponsoring firms. Olah Inc. will not resell the study to companies outside of the original sponsors.

Olah Inc. proposes the following approach for the study: 

We will prepare a market analysis of the denim situation in each of the major producing markets worldwide including:

• China
• India
• Pakistan
• Bangladesh
• Turkey
• Indonesia
• Brazil
• EU

The market analysis will focus on shipments, inventories and capacity on an industry basis. The study will include denim made of 100% cotton, as well as blends such as cotton blended with elastomeric fibers. Additionally, the analysis will provide some company information including key contacts, addresses, installed capacity, capacity utilization (if available), and known plans for expansions or closures.

Country-by-country production and capacity will be identified, along with projections for the next five and tens years. Further, this analysis will include a compilation of upstream and downstream influences on the denim business.

The study will be provided to sponsor companies as a written document.

We have prepared a prospectus for the project which you may download HERE.

Feel free to contact me if you have any questions or desire more information. My email is rantoshak@olah.com

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