A Possible Future for the Global Textile Industry in 2025

Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Recently, I was invited by the AgMarketNetwork to participate in their monthly conference call on cotton. For those of you not familiar, the AgMarketNetwork is an online media service that covers the global market for cotton. It is owned and operated by Mr. Pat McClatchy, cotton trader and futures expert based in Memphis, TN. The service provides weekly and monthly podcasts of the observations and opinions of some of the top analysts in the cotton industry today.

The topic of my talk was "A Possible Future for the Global Textile Industry in 2025." I spoke as part of an esteemed panel of cotton experts including Mr. H.W. "Kipp" Butts (Informa Economics), Dr. John Robinson (Texas A&M University), Dr. O.A. Cleveland (Mississippi State University), and Mr. Jarral Neeper (Calcot). My talk focused on ten factors that will affect the global textile industry over the next ten years, including:

1. The Environment
2. Supply Chain Distribution
3. Communications
4. Conflicts
5. Hemispheric Sourcing
6. Technological Innovation
7. Demographics
8. The Limits of Globalization
9. Growing Economic Inequality
10. Energy Resources

To listen to the free podcast (about 40 minutes in length), please click here: April 2015 Monthly Cotton Market Update

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